Why use Green Pin Tycan® Chain?
Green Pin Tycan® Chain allows companies to achieve a safer working environment for their crew. The soft touch and light weight reduce the risk of bad backs, cuts, bruises or hearing damage. Furthermore, the risk of damage to vulnerable and valuable cargo is reduced significantly, as is the threat of claims from customers. Green Pin Tycan® Chain is very easy to use and up to eight times lighter than a steel chain of comparable strength. This makes even long lengths of Green Pin Tycan® Chain light enough for one person to work with all day long. Your operations will benefit from reduced sick leave, fewer delays and lower transport costs.
What is it made from?
100% from Dyneema®, the world’s strongest man-made fiber™, is manufactured by multinational DSM, headquartered in the Netherlands and respected as the premium brand for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE). Dyneema® is light, flexible and up to 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis.
What capacity is it?
Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain WLL 5t Safety factor: MBL equals 4 x WLL
Green Pin Tycan® Lashing Chain LC 10t Safety factor: MBL equals 2 x Lashing Capacity
Green Pin Tycan® Chain is used almost exclusively outdoors. What happens when exposed to UV or it gets wet?
Green Pin Tycan® Chain is waterproof and does not absorb water. It is also resistant to UV.
What happens to Green Pin Tycan® Chain when used in the oily, greasy environments often found where the chain is used?
Green Pin Tycan® Chain is very resistant to oil, dirt, diesel, grease, non-oxidizing chemicals etc. which all have a negligible impact on the capacity or functionality. It can be cleaned with a high pressure hose.
Steel chain can elongate close to 20% at MBL. What about Green Pin Tycan® Chain?
Green Pin Tycan® Chain has a linear elongation of less than 5% at MBL.
Why is there a twist in it?
The famous twist was discovered by the German mathematicians Möbius and Listing in 1858. The twist distributes the forces in each link of Green Pin Tycan® Chain equally which significantly increases the capacity.
Will Green Pin Tycan® Chain meet the required certification in my country?
Green Pin Tycan® Chain is technically qualified for both lashing and lifting by DNV-GL, the global quality assurance- and risk management company.
What testing was performed in collaboration with DNV-GL
As Green Pin Tycan® Chain is not a rope, a steel chain, a synthetic round sling etc. it did not fall into any existing standards. Therefore, a full, bottom up process was conducted in collaboration with DNV-GL. This included multiple testing which include, but not limited to, break strength, fatigue, UV resistance, failure mode, resistance and elongation. The results allowed DNV-GL to issue a Technology Qualification for Green Pin Tycan® for both lifting and lashing.
Where can I learn more or buy Green Pin Tycan®?
Visit www.tycan.com, it has a great video and you can download the brochure. Green Pin Tycan® is available worldwide via our 900+ network of distributors. Please contact us at sales@vanbeest.nl or your local distributor.
Which components can be used with Green Pin Tycan® Chain?
G-4151; 4.75t
G-4153; 4.75t
Connecting link:
UMJ; 6.8t
G-6323; 1"diameter thread, take up 12" and larger
Dyneema® SLEEVE; 30cm length
Dyneema® SLEEVE; 50 cm length
P-6720; 10t lashing capacity
We have a full range of components for Green Pin Tycan®. Please refer to the product sheets or contacts sales@vanbeest.nl