Tycan® is a DNV GL certificated high performance fiber chain that has all the performance and flexibility of steel chain but is a fraction of the weight. Launched at BreakBulk in 2015, Tycan® is now used by some of the largest heavy lift shipping and haulage companies worldwide to achieve greater productivity, reduce costs and provide a safer working environment, due to its ultra-light, ultra-strong, ultra-safe benefits.

What is it made from?
100% Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE). Dyneema® is used in multiple industries including maritime, heavy lifting, fishing and offshore that demand ultra-light weight, maximum breaking strength and both abrasion and cut resistance.

What capacity is it?
Tycan® has a 20 t MBL.

Do you have any different applications?
We have made lashing chain prototypes with 32t, 15t and 10t MBL’s.

Can Tycan® withstand abrasion?
Tycan® is made with 100% Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fibre™ and is extremely robust against cutting or abrasion. Our protective sleeves offer even greater protection over very sharp edges.

Tycan® is used almost exclusively outdoors. What happens when exposed to UV or it gets wet?
Tycan® is not just water repellant, it’s water resistant. It has a specific gravity of 0,97, so actually floats! It is extremely resistant to UV.

What happens to Tycan® when used in the oily, greasy environments often found where lashing chain is used?
Nothing! Apart from it can get dirty! Oil, dirt, diesel, grease, non-oxidizing chemicals etc. all have no impact on the capacity or functionality. If you need to clean it you can put it in a washing machine!

Do you have a user manual?
Yes of course. Every order is sent with a detailed user manual and DNV GL certification.

Life expectancy?
Tycan® does not rust. If properly cared for it will last for years.

Steel chain can elongate close to 20% at MSL. What about Tycan®?
Tycan® has a linear elongation of less than 5% at MSL.

What about extreme weather temperatures?
Tycan® is used in both the deserts of the Middle East and extreme polar conditions. It is certificated up to an ambient temperature of 70°C while, unlike most steel chain which becomes brittle in the cold, Dyneema® fiber keeps Tycan® soft and flexible far below zero, in fact the strength increases!

Why is there a twist in it?
The famous twist was discovered by the German mathematicians Möbius and Listing in 1858. Using the twist distributes the forces in each link of Tycan® equally, allowing us to reach a 20t MBL.

Will Tycan® meet the required certification in my country?
Tycan® is certified by DNV GL, the global leader in certification and classification, for use as a lashing chain, which is more than sufficient for the majority of industry authorities.

What would you highlight as the number one benefit?
It’s hard to pick one as it is different for each customer. But the ultra-light weight makes Tycan® extremely safe and easy to use as it will not injury crew or damage cargo, unlike heavy steel chain.

Cost comparison to steel chain?
We regularly bench mark against the premium brand short link chains and, depending on the grade, Tycan® is only 0-3 times more expensive.

Where can I learn more or buy Tycan®?
Visit www.tycan .com, it has a great video and additional information. Purchase Tycan® directly or via our network of distributors. Contact Alex Rock, Sales & Marketing, +47 91711277, alex@loadsolutions.no